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A technological revolution is under way. A revolution that will disrupt the world we live in the same way motor vehicles, nuclear power and the internet did. Change will be gradual but fundamental.

Out with centralization. On with distributed equality.

Become part of tomorrow.

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Only through the genius of brilliant minds translated into machine-readable language can any technological revolution be realized. Cryptocurrency projects and blockchain proofs of concept need their architects.

Finance & Trading

Bitcoin and blockchain technology are to the FinTech industry what the internet was to news media. The people most able to improve any system are always those who use it on a daily basis.


The current legal system is a product of centuries of trial and error. Managing trust through technological constructs and cryptography challenges the legal dogma. Are you ready to innovate with us?


The early adopters are the fuel behind any new idea. They dream, create and believe in the world of tomorrow. They are the driving force of change and the conductors of revolutionary ideas.

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“Oh my god, this is it! This is the big breakthrough. This is the distributed trust network that the internet always needed and never had.”

Marc Andreessen, co-creator of the first commercial Web browser, Netscape


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